About Us
Lighting Expert of LED

Who We Are

LANYAN Lighting Technology Co.,LTD. (since 2012) locates in the most famous Chinese lighting city - GuZhen City. We focuse on the manufacture and development of daily and commercial LED Lighting. We offer professional OEM/ODM/SKD LED lighting solutions and branding and marketing support to clients.

Quality Assurance

LANYAN owns a complete range of lighting quality certifications: including CE, ROHS, FCC, etc., and the quality standards meet the export to most international lighting markets.

Guarantee of Credit

Lanyan was founded in 2012 and provides products to over 20 countries worldwide. Over the past 11 years, numerous domestic buyers and foreign lighting importers have chosen Lan Yan as their strategic partner. Famous lighting LED component brands such as Epstar, Samsung, San'an, and MingWell have maintained in-depth and long-term cooperation with Lanyan.

Guarantee of Production Capacity

LANYAN invests in a series of light source production bases, we own a driver factory, an LED bulb factory, and a LED downlight and track light factory. And one overseas factory in Kazakhstan. The Headquarter which locates in GuZhen, has a spacious workshop of 3,000 square meters. Including advanced equipments there. Our monthly production capacity (2022~2023): 3 million(pcs) of finished LED bulbs, 10 million SKD; 1 million finished

LED down lights, 5 million SKD; 500,000 finished LED track lights, 2 million SKD. The monthly export volume amounts to RMB 10million, and the average monthly export container volume is 20 high containers and 50 truckloads of bulk cargoes.

The Markets Where Our Products Are Being Sold

China, Central Europe, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, etc.), Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), Western Europe (Germany, Slovenia), East Asia (Japan), North America ( United States), South America (Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, etc.).

The LED Lighting Expert who Dedicated to Lighting Fixture Design & Manufacturing for the last 20 years. Currently, the best-selling products include LED drivers, LED MR16/GU10 Spotlight Frame and LED Spotlight finish products, High quality LED bulbs.
We wholeheartedly solve various LED lighting problems for customers If you have specific lighting products and solutions, please feel free to leave a message for consultation!
Exclusive ETO customization
Strong product customization capabilities and professional customization production lines, providing achievable product solutions
Systematic service
Professional supply chain and future service system to create a complete lighting service experience for you
Exquisite R&D and
manufacturing capabilities
Excellent lighting research technology and industry talent concentration; Adhering to the concept of green and energy-saving brand